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Jiggers. As you may know, I am a refujeeve, which means I came from Smack Jeeves after its sucky website "update". In my last news entry, I said this:

I just discovered that Smack Jeeves will shut down on December 31, 2020 , and I'm glad I moved to ComicFury. ComicFury is like an old school comic site, where you can make your own comics, hosted at their own websites. Smack Jeeves changed their layout in 2019, and I'm not a fan of that, so I moved to Comicfury to keep my own custom website. I was able to download all the comics I'd made over at SJ.

During this month, you may see a little "Refujeeves" link at the footer of the page. The link will go to a list of my older comics. When I downloaded my comics, the descriptions and release dates were not included, so in this month, I will copy all the descriptions and give all of those comics release dates. Some of the comics are my old comics, including:

  • Tom the Cat Comics (Late 2018–February/August 2019), which was supposed to be a tie-in strip for my then-upcoming Tom the Cat animated series, which never came to be;
  • Pig's Farm (Some time in 2018), a spin-off or prequel to Tom the Cat Comics. It only had one Sunday strip and after that it went on indefinite hiatus;
  • A Wolf and a Sheep (August 2019), a way to get my reputation back (I had a large dark age after early 2019). I think it was my only comic in an actual (mobile-friendly) comic format. It followed this cool wolf, Apache, who moved to the forest and met a black sheep named Fluffy. In September (October?) 2019, I wanted to turn it into an animated series, but this backfired; in probably early 2020, I decided to revive the idea, adding an evil gang of coyotes. Like Tom the Cat, it never went past pre-production;
  • M+F Skits (Probably October–December 2019), a comic series which, like Pig's Farm, only got the cover and exactly one page;
  • Maxwell en Español (October 2019), literally a Spanish Google Translation of Maxwell, Snowball & Maple Syrup.Not much to say about that one.
  • Maxwell, Snowball & Maple Syrup (October–December 2019), the reason you've come to this comic.

So yeah. That's a list of some of the comics I made. Until next time...

It's over, folks!