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Osmode Animation Studios
I recall ending my last SJ comic strip straight in early December 2019 (straight when SJ "modernized" their layout).
I didn't join CF until April 2020. (In between that time period I decided I wanted to work on a cartoon.) I had two comics that didn't last a page but after at (December 2020) I decided to revive one of my old comics I made at SJ. I'm currently archiving my SJ comics on a CF site.
I do like how you can customize your comic URLs (e.g instead of it just being Plus your comics overall are a lot more customizable than they were on Smack Jeeves. I'm a novice at HTML design, and I've been customizing my sites to give them that good look.

A paragraph taken from my news post:
I just discovered that Smack Jeeves will shut down on December 31, 2020 , and I'm glad I moved to ComicFury. ComicFury is like an old school comic site, where you can make your own comics, hosted at their own websites. Smack Jeeves changed their layout in 2019, and I'm not a fan of that, so I moved to Comicfury to keep my own custom website. I was able to download all the comics I'd made over at SJ.

The "new Comic Fury age" got me refining my art and brand of humor. I just hope CF doesn't go down the SJ route.